Project Art 1


Redefining an artist creative space that celebrates all forms of art by bringing creative community together.

Project Art 2

Design Approach

Venus is an Artist community that celebrates Art, Literature, Music, Cinema and Photography through, workshops, performances, festivals, and camps. It is a physical manifestation of a creative space, nestled in the hills of Karjat Village. A place where artists of all fields come together to connect, invent, create and share their philosophies, stories and their methods of practice bridging the joy of interaction to an artist community. The design approach is to highlight the sole purpose of this initiative, which is to bring like-minded creative people together, whether artists or not, to help them collaborate and to add more color both in their lives and in those of the people around by creating an Identity system which evokes a freedom to express and stimulates the natural environment to create art, which is accessible to all.

Project Art 3

Brand Design Language

We worked with Venus team to create a positioning strategy, that resonates with the place where art is expressed in an open space, where the community of different people, culture and talents come together to be inspired, learn or celebrate different art forms. The visual identity system is designed with a simple, bold, confident logotype that is revealed by the ever-changing imagery of art celebrating freedom of art lovers. Representing a platform where an artist can express. The Identity is dynamic, as the shapes can take various positions to highlight content and art. Infinite logos can be developed using these combinations. Integrating elements of different art forms with the consistent typography style adding a balance and unique consistency to the brand. Overall the design language is colorful, fun, bold and most importantly celebrates the art.

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