Project Art 1


Crafted a type-led aesthetic brand identity that reflects a visual manifestation of the brand name and brand personality.

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Design Approach

We consulted Milestone Films a multi-disciplinary production company based in Mumbai for their overall branding. Milestone films wanted to uplift their brand personality to a more fresh, modern, bold and as a global established organization with collaboration, flexibility, and diversity at its core. The identity designed centers on a distinctive lowercase ‘m’ integrated with a milestone mark commutating the brand name and the brand personality which is to create a place of infinite possibilities, where ideas could break free and talented people could turn their passion for creativity into fully realized, ground breaking work.

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Brand Design Language

The identity captures the milestone concept with customized typography that’s both refined and symbolic. The unique typography enables Milestone to own the “m” in applications like promotions and collateral, which is immediately recognizable and accessible. The color palette features a brilliant yellow and grey inspired to form the milestone mark and the brand personality of being brave, wise and bold. The website UI utilizes the same cohesive, modern color palettes, consistent layouts, and inclusive imagery styles marrying the brand's overall identity with a functional and informative user experience. The Overall cohesive system delivers a clear type-led aesthetic that allows plenty of room for expression.

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