Project Art 1

Visual Juju

An experience that is meant to inspire you and simultaneously highlight the variety of Visual Juju offerings and creativity through portfolio of impeccable digital stories.

Project Art 2

Design Approach

A strong brand communication strategy with relevant Information and flexible layout is the key driving factor of the visual design for the website. Trivia and interesting info integration about Visual Juju is woven throughout the website wherever possible allowing visitors an easy way to discover related additional content about them.

The dynamic interaction and bold imagery is large & inviting — establishing a standard of high quality content and bringing a feeling of polish and value to the websites important information.

Project Art 3


A rich, bold dynamic images of work are used to create a scalable visual browsing experience, offering quick and easy access to exactly what one is looking for. A well integrated content and navigation on every page to seamlessly path visitors from one section of content to the next. Users can quickly navigate between featured work, studio, people et al.

Responsive scalable grid which is intuitive, unique, and experiential on all screens. Sections are designed in a flexible format to accommodate the ever-changing flow of content. Pairing a gorgeous typography and sparse icons with the dynamic interactions to create a timeless experience that will feel fresh with every content update.

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