Project Art 1

Energia Fitness

Redefining fitness with a powerful, energetic, playful and confident identity system to convey the brand philosophy of passion and determination.

Project Art 2

Design Approach

Energia is a new fitness center offering unparalleled experiences and services like cardio, weight training, TRX, total resistance,, kettlebell training, yoga, zumba etc. Their passion for fitness and their philosophy of connecting with each individual according to their needs and putting the overall fitness as their genuine interest ensures that you are placed on the right track for your fitness journey.

Being overall fit gives us the power of confidence and strength to move forward. We all want to have that power and use it to put our best foot forward. Being fit is a great way to achieve that power mentally and physically. It can inspire us to change our course of action.

Project Art 3

Brand Design Language

The identity captures the milestone concept with customized typography that’s both refined and symbolic. The unique typography enables Milestone to own the “m” in applications like promotions and collateral, which is immediately recognizable and accessible. The color palette features a brilliant yellow and grey inspired to form the milestone mark and the brand personality of being brave, wise and bold. The website UI utilizes the same cohesive, modern color palettes, consistent layouts, and inclusive imagery styles marrying the brand's overall identity with a functional and informative user experience. The Overall cohesive system delivers a clear type-led aesthetic that allows plenty of room for expression.

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